Opening Speech Examples

Example One:
Thank you Honorable chair.
Fellow delegates, Morocco is honored to attend this meeting. The issue of recovery and governance in Haiti has been a major source of discussion within the UN. It is clear the international community has been providing full support for the nation ever since the devastating 2010 earthquake. From millions of dollars to special NGO’s, the world and the United Nations has constantly been engaged in the service of helping Haiti rebuild its country. Like other nations, Morocco is also committed to the recovery and governance of a developing Haiti. As a delegate of Morocco, we believe that our country has continuously been involved in assisting Haiti by donating one million dollars to the country as well as sending special relief packages. By using trade incentives in the workforce and educating the people on the cholera outbreaks along with many other solutions, we hope to bring Haiti back to its feet. Morocco is committed to finding a solution for the recovery and governance of Haiti with the willing help of other member nations. Thank you.

Example Two:

Thank you honorable Chair. Ladies, Gentlemen, Israel is the victim. It is a country that faces so many threats from all of its neighboring nations. The president of Iran even said that his country would like to wipe the state of Israel off the face of the earth. When Israel faces threats like these, it needs to be able to fight for itself. Israel is a nation that has had such a brutal and cruel history against their citizens, we cannot allow our people face that kind of pain again. The state of Israel needs to protect its people.

Let’s talk about human rights in Palestine. Hamas runs a ruthless government that relies on bullets to make its point. It has waged a savage war against Israel and its people.

Now let’s talk about the human rights in all the countries that criticize Israel. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, and Lebanon. Are the women not discriminated against? Are homosexuals not persecuted? Who are they to preach human rights? They live in glass houses, masking Israel as the villain. Israel is the only democratic state in midst of Islamic monarchies, and we fight for peace.

Example Three:

Opening Speech, Human Rights Committee, Israel

Honorable Chair. Fellow delegates. The State of Israel recognizes the topics of this committee as significant and relevant problems. However, Israel feels that access to safe drinking water is of the utmost importance. Israel, being a desert land, feels the lack of drinking water as keenly as any nation. Recent droughts have brought this condition to the front of many countries’ agendas. Due to this, The UN has named this decade, the one that we are in the midst of, the International Decade For Action, Water For Life. It is time that we do what we have committed to doing, and act. We must protect groundwater from contamination. It is our duty to supply those in rural areas with the basic human need of water. This is an international problem, and requires an international solution. We need to put aside our petty differences and work together on this all-important matter, with the help of major NGOs such as the Gates Foundation and the Ford Foundation. Today, over one billion people do not have access to safe drinking water. Today, four thousand children have died from easily preventable water related diseases. And today, we, as one people, must come together on what is to be done about this grave issue.